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the digital division of The Business Times Company

First came three stunning popular local area magazines, and of their success was born a strong desire to innovate. Now, The Business Times Company is proud to offer a full range of digital marketing, web, and multimedia services via its digital division, Business Times Interactive.

Business Times Interactive is located in Columbia, Missouri and is proud to serve clients in Columbia, Jefferson City, and across mid-Missouri. Check out BTI’s full range of digital marketing services, or contact us today for a quote.


Your sales, your revenue, your profit – our focus.
We track and tweak until your goals are reached.

WHAT WE DO WORKS. Business Times Interactive, a division of the Business Times Company, has assembled a team of digital marketing experts and top-of-the-line digital ad platforms. Our prize? Your ROI.

WE UNDERSTAND PURCHASING CYCLES AND HOW DIGITAL MARKETING FITS EACH STEP OF THE WAY. Not every digital tactic makes sense for every business. Optimal strategies vary based on the customer journey and your growth goals. We won’t recommend every tactic to everyone. We customize plans based on your product, your industry, and your goals.

WE’RE A ONE-STOP MARKETING SHOP. We’re rich with digital marketing expertise. And, as part of a company that published three industry-leading magazines, we have access to some of the most talented graphic designers, photographers, writers, videographers, and event planners in Mid-Missouri.

Tired of hiring out each of those services individually? Let us be your go-to marketing partner.
WE’RE LOCAL. Get world-class digital marketing expertise right down the street in Columbia, Missouri. Serving clients in Columbia and Mid-Missouri is our passion.

Shop local – outside agencies don’t know the market like we do, and they don’t care about Columbia businesses like we do.

WE’RE A STRONG AND GROWING COMPANY. The Business Times Company has been part of the Columbia, Missouri community for 30 years – and we’re innovating and growing in leaps and bounds. Come jump on our success train and grow with us!


Erica Pefferman, President, The Business Times Company

Erica Pefferman


Erica Pefferman is the fearless leader of The Business Times Company and visionary behind Business Times Interactive. She’s gifted at pairing ideas and people.

Jamie Patterson, Digital Services Director, Business Times Interactive

Jamie Patterson

Digital Services Director

Jamie Patterson, resident digital expert, is the brains behind BTI’s digital brawn. Jamie’s been launching digital campaigns and optimizing web presences for more than a decade.

J.J. Carlson, Director of Web Development, Business Times Interactive

J.J. Carlson

Director of Web Development

J.J. Carlson is not your average website builder.  He possesses a rare combination of design talent, coding chops, and SEO know-how. His websites? Beautiful AND effective.

Crystal Richardson, Digital Marketing Manager, Business Times Interactive

Crystal Richardson

Digital Marketing Manager

Crystal Richardson is Business Times Interactive’s digital marketing manager extraordinaire. Also in her wheel-house – design chops. Your beautiful and effective digital creative starts here.

Tay Stephens

Digital Account Manager

Tay Stephens is the brawn behind the strategy for BTI clients. Count on her to launch your campaign, watch it like a hawk, and keep you on schedule and organized like never before.